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Other Project

Civic duties, citizenship and their rights, how to live in harmony among different ethnic groups and religions will be taught to teachers of Kaw Hmu Township. At present, DKKF partners with a local NGO called “Mote Oo” to conduct these training to teachers from monastic schools and from high schools. This is one of its kinds in Myanmar conducting civic education.

DKKF always recognizes the value and importance of English language and hence it is one of our first priorities to give training on English proficiency skills to teachers, students and community. English language courses are designed to give basic English proficiency skills of people of Kaw Hmu township. As a first step, DKKF partnered with British Council to give training to the teachers (Training of the Teachers or TOT). As a first course, (40) teachers will be receiving the training from the British Council. Secondly, we are going to conduct training courses to students and community. Again, DKKF welcomes any organizations or individuals who are interested to partner with us.

Famous authors are invited and they are asked to talk on promotion of reading habits, how to gain knowledge from books and online media, famous books to be read and author’s life experience and memoirs are mentioned in these talks. These talks are highly popular among locals and well attended by the people. It is a great way of sharing knowledge on many topics and DKKF is proud to give this service to the community.

At present, we are offering a literary talk in every two months. Apart from literary talks, health, education, job opportunities and other talks are held in every 2 months. These talks are arranged with many local NGOs and INGOs. For example, talks on hygiene, how to take healthy food, how to grow organic foods and other business and job opportunities are mentioned in these talks. Therefore, literary talks and other educational talks will narrow the gap of knowledge between urban and rural.