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Hospitality and Catering Training Academy

What is HCTA?


Hospitality and Catering Training Academy (HCTA) is a non-profit training centre empowering the youths with education and vocational training, not only creating job opportunities but also supplying the rapid demand of tourism and hotel industry. Base in Kaw-Hmu which is one of the outcast town of Yangon city, Myanmar. Kaw Hmu township has a population of around 120,000. HCTA programme for hotel services training aims to produce international standard multi-professional hospitality staffs. This will offer a new learning opportunity for ambitious local youngsters and create some job opportunities by linking with network of hotels and catering industry around the country. HCTA is one of the vital projects of the Burmese registered charity Daw Khin Kyi Foundation which is founded by Nobel Literate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.


Trainee admission criteria

- Young people between the age of 18 to 25, who have passed 10th standard examination, are allowed to apply the training.

- Trainees are selected from all over the country, even from the remotest areas. 


-          Certificate in Hotel Operation

-          Certificate in Culinary Arts 


Certificate in Hotel Operations (26 credits) 

-          During: 6 months + 2 months internship 

-          Designated Targets: Front office staffs, waiters, receptionists


  Certificate in Culinary Arts (21 credits)

-     Duration 6 months + 2 months internship

-     Designated Target : Chefs, Sous Chefs


            The 26 weels training courses totaling 780 hours comparise theoretical studies and pratical training following a learner-centred approach. HCTA based faulty, as well as overseas and local experts from the Hotel & Tourism industry will give training. Students who successfully complete the six-month programme will have an opportunity to get an internship-training program in leading hotels in Burma for a minimum of two months. 

New Programme

Now we have tried a new programme for those who have passed 8th standard examination (9th grade), which started recently in January 2019 for two-month course from January to March, 2019. 180 trinees attended at 5 different courses such as House Keeping, Pastry, Bakery, Front Office, Culinary Arts adnh Food Beverages. Those who were sufficiently qualified were allowed to attend the regular programme.


Teaching system

The teaching programme includes two components – institutional and internship training in the Hotel & Tourism industry. Institutional training will offer academic theoretical knowledge, which will be delivered by means of lectures and workshops. This will be followed by 2 months internship programme at HCTA’s in-house restaurant/guest house and other partner hotels and restaurants. Teacher-to-student ratio will be approximately 1:20 (theory) and 1:20 (practical).


Individual assignments and group discussions will take place and each trainee will be assessed throughout the training period by point scoring system. At the end of every month, trainees will be given feedbacks on their progress.

            The curriculum of HCTA is based on the ASEAN Common Competency Standards for Tourism Professionals (ACCSTP).


HCTA batches

Now, the HCTA has completed 8 batches during period of 5 years starting from 25 October 2014, and trained more than 800 young people across the country.

            80 percent of the graduates have already got their jobs in hotel industry while only 3 percent moved to other professions.


The main goal of HCTA is to help youths of Myanmar become skilled, independent, successful and well-equipped leaders in hospitality industry. To achieve this goal, trainees will be taken through the paths of vocational training which encompass dynamic modules outside of hospitality subjects. This aims to foster their self-confidence and leadership potentials. In a longer term, HCTA aims to fulfill vocational training needs nationwide and to extend training in other subjects.


Administration Office

Address: No. (N) 61, Magyikan Village,

Kaw Hmu City, Yangon Region.

Phone: 09 250807055 / 09 2541034566



Volunteers from around the world will be invited to take part in the teaching programme of HCTA. This will offer educated Burmese as well as non-Burmese people living locally and abroad to share their experience with trainees at HCTA. It will also promote the awareness of the training programme worldwide and would increase the possibility of getting sustainable fund. The preferred volunteers include managers, accountants, chefs, teachers, medical students, doctors. However, application format, acceptance criteria for volunteers and minimum duration of volunteering period needs to be decided by the board of directors.


In order to sustain the necessary funding for HCTA, to cover education costs and to assist with the smooth transition of trainees to work, partnership links will be developed with different organisations.

Community Partnerships

  1. Local government organisations
  2. Ministry of Hotel and Tourism
  3. Ministry of Education
  4. National Hotel and Tourism Business Associations
  5. Non-governmental Organisations
  6. Chef Associations
  7. Hospitality Partnerships
  8. Foreign Invested Hotels
  9. Local Hotels
  10. Restaurants

First Graduation Ceremony of Hospitality and Catering Training Academy